Buckingham in Buckinghamshire.

Target Market:

The home end user & small businesses.

Services offered:

Data Recovery

Film Making


PC Troubleshooting

PC Upgrade

Personal Shopper

IT Training (including Microsoft Office, digital photography & film making)

Transferring VHS to DVD

Virus/Spyware Removal

Wireless Networking

eBay Training


All jobs considered. Prices on application.


Telephone, text or email me if you answer ‘YES’ to any of the following:

Does your computer have a virus/spyware? Or,

Does your computer need an MOT, tune-up or upgrade?

Is your computer running slowly or takes a long time to boot up?

Would You Like To:

Take better digital photos?

Wirelessly share the internet, files and printer at home?

Have an event photographed (not including weddings)?

Know how to buy or sell on eBay, and to make a profit?

Have an event filmed and made into a full DVD with menus and titles?

Know how to use the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel?

Buy a new computer item from the shops, but are not sure what a gig, meg or terabyte does?

Do You:

Have lots of camcorder footage, but are not sure how to edit it?

Need some data recovered from your hard drive, flash drive or memory card?

Have important VHS tapes, which should be converted to DVD, to halt the degradation process?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then please contact me. I will come to you, day or night. I am at least 50% better value than PC World.

Prices are available upon request, as very few jobs are the same.
Please contact me for a quote.

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